Bathtubs vs Showers, Which Do You Prefer

1. What are homeowners looking for?   Homeowners are craving stylish, beautiful spaces, with luxurious finishes and big showers.  More than four in five homeowners renovating a master bath are replacing major features in their bathroom renovations, from showers to floors, countertops to sinks. Notably, far fewer renovators are updating their tubs or tub-shower combos compared with the large share of those addressing showers. Upgraded features

2. Hardly anyone takes baths.

Most of us are hardly using the bathtub at all these days. More than half of survey respondents who own a bathtub and went through a master bath renovation say they never use a tub in the course of a normal month. No wonder renovators are putting their money into showers instead of tubs.

3. Specialized Features.

Supersizing the shower. As noted, today’s master bath renovators are all about the shower. While the majority of master bathrooms (75 percent) stay the same size during a renovation, most homeowners — 68 percent — are increasing the size of their showers. About one-third of renovators are bumping up their shower size by at least half. Shower Features  ]]>