Making Your Drab Bathroom Into Your Dream Bathroom: Preparation is Key

  • There are great contractors out there but they are in high demand, do your homework and be ready to invest your time and resources in a worthwhile relationship. Ask your prospective contractor for references, and call them. Visit a job site if the contractor has a job in progress. Ask questions.  Remember, great contractors are often booked months in advance, so be prepared to wait for the right one to come available.
  • When you pick the right contractor, make sure you give him or her some needed info: architectural drawings of the existing bathroom, showing the windows, doors, heating, plumbing lines, and electrical outlets. (You can make a 3D mockup at theNational Kitchen and Bath Association’s website.) Also, provide a detailed “wish list” of what you want, organized by priority from “absolutely must have” to “nice if we can get it.” Also have some photos or links to websites that show some kitchens you like. The photos or links can show one aspect of your dream kitchen, i.e. “We really like the sink in this bathroom. Here’s another bathroom with the garden tub we want.”
  • Don’t forget about lighting and ventilation. Your contractor can help you with decisions about installing proper ventilation, which may include substantial work in other areas of the house.
  • How fancy do you want to go? Do you want a private toilet with a door? A bidet? A spa tub? An adjacent closet? How many sinks do you need? Counter space? Storage space?
  • The fun part of any renovation is the design. Stick to what you want, but be flexible – if your contractor recommends going in a different direction from what you want, give it some consideration. He or she should have a good idea about what will and what won’t work. Respect their judgment. On the other hand, don’t let them buffalo you into doing something you don’t want, or not doing something you really want in your reno. Don’t forget to design for the functionality of the room. Is it something your kids will use regularly? Or is it the bathroom for the master bedroom? A guest bathroom? The only bathroom?
  • Unless you are a highly qualified builder and designer, you almost certainly don’t want to tackle a serious bathroom renovation without a contractor heading the project. Make sure you choose a qualified contractor who will work with you to give you your dream bathroom, and make sure you help him or her with the initial planning.  GB is happy to help you create a wonderful bathroom that you and your family will enjoy, and one that will add thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value.]]>