Tips For Converting Your Garage Into a Living Space

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Nowadays, an average working family would have a least two cars at their disposal, so no wonder that houses with one or two garages are hot commodities strongly sought after on the real estate market. Still, even though garages are meant to store and protect the cars, many homeowners would hastily park not inside but in the street in front of the house or in a side alley. And since the garage is left empty, with time it turns into a space packed with whatever, useful or useless. On the other hand, the family may well need some additional space – a private gym, hobby studio, home office, or just an additional guest room.

So, here’s a question: Your family or your car?

If you decided to vote for the good of the family, the garage conversion is the best solution. But is it beneficial? Is it worth taking up such a project? What would be the real challenges and benefits of converting a garage into a family-useful space?

A few major benefits are…

Additional useful space. As said above, the family may at one certain time face the need of having an additional room for some particular purpose, a room that just cannot be fitted anywhere in the main house. It may be a guest room, a children’s playground, a home office, a family gym, or a quiet retreat. In any case, converting the garage for such purposes would be a very smart idea. In houses with a double garage, such conversion may even be partial, creating both a new room and still keeping a single-car garage.

Budget-friendly house extension. When in need of more space, house extension becomes a necessity. While however a full-scale house extension would normally cost a lot, with creativity and far less cash, this can be successfully achieved through converting the garage. The costs for converting a garage into a living space would normally be twice to three times less than those for completing any other extension project.

Increased property value. Creating an additional living space will not only extend the living area. It will also significantly increase the market value of the property. Experts calculate such added value to compensate the conversion project costs far more than enough.

Garage Transformation Ideas

There are various garage conversion ideas that will help you get better informed and unleash your own creativity. Among those however, 5 hold the top-choice positions:

Guest house. Turning a garage into a guest house is one of the top ideas most families, looking for budget-friendly house extension options, would choose. Using the advantages of the open-plan space of the garage, the large garage doors, and the solid structure of the space, you can end up with having a very nice and fully functional new guest suite.

Home office. With the rising popularity of home-run businesses (think blogging, online shops, etc.), creating a home office would be another excellent idea when venturing into a garage transformation project. The garage may well provide convenient work space, placing lots of storage facilities, and even fitting in a small meeting/conference room.

Fitness room. Having your own space for fitness and working out is not only convenient, but it saves money and time, too. You can use your private gym whenever you wish and in the convenience of your own home, without schedules, fees, crowds of people, or hygiene concern. Transforming the garage into a home gym/ fitness room is therefore a great idea!

Children’s playroom. Families with more children would highly appreciate such an idea! It would be extremely convenient to have a space where children can play and have fun without disturbing anyone else in the main house. The garage can provide such a space.

Man cave. Another top-choice idea is converting a garage into a private retreat for the man of the house. In such newly purposed space the grown-up ‘boy’ will be able to dedicate all his attention to any of his hobby projects, or just gather some friends and have fun.